Oremandsgaard Masterclass
to Aug 20

Oremandsgaard Masterclass

Oremandsgaard Masterclass will focus on technical improvement as well as repertoire studies with the assistance of our coaching accompanist. Participants will also be challenged with stage performance and physiodramatic training.

Throughout the week you will take part in a variation of masterclass activities; individual lessons combined with ensemble playing, open class and lectures.

An everyday activity is the morning work out lawn session held by our physiodrama coach immidiately after breakfast. It gives us a perfect beginning of the day. Delicious meals will be served three times a day in the manor house kitchen or dining room – on sunny days we can enjoy our meal and the beautiful surroundings on the kitchen terrace.

Evening entertainment; music videos, quizzes, sketches, improvisations? – your ideas are welcome! Public concert in Husflidsskolen (School of Handcrafts- hip), a very special concert hall in the middle of the woods on the premises of Oremandsgaard, built for the employées in old times. Our efforts from the masterclass week will culminate here Monday evening as we perform for a local audience a program of singing, guitar and cello repertoire in many exciting combinations.


Ass. Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Experienced concert singer with focus on classical opera and Lied repertoire as well as contemporary music. Signi cant carreer as a teacher beside her long membership of the Danish Radio Chamber Choir.


Principal cellist of the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Ass. Professor and Head of String Department at the Danish National Academy of Music, Odense. More than thirty years of experience as an academy teacher, soloist, orchestral and chamber musician and from numerous masterclasses in Denmark and abroad.


Ass. Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Soloist and chamber musician with great internati- onal experience. Signi cant performer of contem- porary repertoire. Internationally requested as a Guest Professor a.o. in The Royal Academy (London) and Oberlin Conservatory of Music (USA).


Employed as an accompanist with the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Educated from the Soloist Class there with professors Anne Øland and Tove Løn- skov. Further studies with prof. John Barstow, Royal College of Music (London) as well as masterclasses with Helmut Deutsch, Julius Drake and Rudolf Jansen.

MARLENE SMITH, choreographer/dancer educator(physiodrama)

Educated at the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance 1993-96. Since 1993 active as an educator at a.o. The Royal Opera Academy (Copenhagen), HOLBERG School of Film and Drama (DK), Flow Dance Academy (DK) and OURE Sport and Performance (DK).

PETER KUNZ, performance coach

Drama teacher with the Danish National School of Performing Arts (Odense). Educated as a classical guitarist and had an important carreer as a perfor- mer before specializing in performance coaching. Peter Kunz has directed more than fty performan- ces including many di erent styles and genres, such as Opera, Ballet, Music Theatre, Shakespeare, Absurdism, Naturalism, Realism in addition to his own texts.



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