Trio Sanza 

Why three guitars? – Trio Sanza is a new ensemble that began as a careless, but well-intentioned proposal over a cup of coffee in the autumn of 2012. We had our debut in 2014 mainly due to curiosity.

Curiosity to grips the crooked and unimaginable trio format - the guitar ensembles enfant terrible hiding in the border region between the intimate duo and democratic quartet.
Curiosity to explore the repertoire of half forgotten gems and unpolished diamonds, the hidden treasures and especially future generations sixth diamond: All the great works that have not yet been written.

The trio consist of Santiago Gutiérrez Bolio, Henrik Bay Hansen and Jesper Sivebæk. Together they have a wealth of concerts, 6 international awards and many CD’s on their conscience.

Santiago Gutiérrez Bolio is a Mexican desperado, a taco master and both guitarist and composer. He works regularly with a variety of musicians, and has played concerts all over Europe and America as himself, but also with his project “Sound of Mexico”.

Henrik Bay Hansen is a guitarist and an amateur Tintinolog. Earlier he has look deep into the Argentine psyche with with tango quartet Cada Vez Más, explored the intimate interaction as part of the Modal Nodes Guitar Duo, and worked in larger format in the role of conductor for various guitar ensembles.

Some see the guitar trio as the "black sheep" of ensembles.
Trio Sanza see it as their job to make sure that the poor, woolly animals gets a very good shave!


New project

Trio Sanza with tenor Visti Hald 

From the opera Ariodante by Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) arranged for guitar trio & tenor by Santiago Gutiérrez Bolio (b.1978) Visti Hald, tenor Jesper Sivebæk, Henrik Bay Hansen & Santiago Gutiérrez Bolio, guitars. Recorded by Bengt Andreasson, December 14th, 2014 in Copenhagen,